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Robert B AlandWe met in this space last month, with Charlie talking about handing off the baton to me. And I am indeed running with it, already having met many of you and hearing from still more clients, friends and business partners.

This is an exciting time, as I work with Brent Adams, Michael Keller, Dan Smith, and the rest of our team to continue taking Private Bank of Buckhead, including Private Bank of Decatur and PrivatePlus Mortgage, to the next great level.

I see my role largely as doing whatever I can to help our seasoned banking and mortgage professionals as they partner with our clients toward the tailored banking and mortgage solutions that best suit your individual circumstances and expectations. To that end, I’ll often cede this space to those pros, so they can further share the many ways in which we can help make your personal and business banking goals a reality.

Still, I am always available to you, just as any of our associates are. That’s part of what first-class service on a first-name basis means – being able to pick up the phone and call your banker.

Robert B Aland  Robert B Aland
Robert B. Aland
President, Private Bank of Buckhead

About Robert; we introduced him last month, but here’s a refresher.