Senior Treasury Services Specialist

JaMon Davis is a Senior Treasury Services Specialist with Private Bank of Buckhead & Decatur. He previously served as an Electronic Banking Specialist with us, and is an experienced banker who fosters positive working relationships and client satisfaction. “JaMon is dedicated to ensuring existing clients continue to receive the level of service on which we pride ourselves, as well as introducing new clients to that heightened level of service,” says Tawanna Robinson, the bank’s Buckhead location manager. The Macon native graduated from Walden University in Baltimore with a bachelor’s in business management and works well under pressure, but is best at preventing pressurized situations to begin with. “I take pride in balancing the goals of the organization with the goals of the client,” JaMon says, “and have found that those are often one in the same.”

He is a Buckhead resident and can be reached via email or (404) 264-7985.