Kathryn Duckworth…

Keeps coming home to mortgages

Kathryn Duckworth is an Underwriter with PrivatePlus Mortgage. We think you’ll enjoy the varied resume of this renaissance woman.

Kathryn Duckworth


With nearly 20 years of experience as a mortgage loan processor, she knows the industry’s evolution first hand. “The biggest and best change is the overall relationship with the borrower,” Kathryn says. “In the past, only the loan officer communicated with the borrower. Now, operations has that opportunity. It really allows for a smoother process, and I enjoy getting to know the people we are helping.”

For a time, you also could find Kathryn working as a Le Mans pit-crew member in the prestigious 24-hour sports car endurance race held in Le Mans, France. “I was the dead valve crew member, basically making sure the fuel flowed thru the hose to the tank in the car,” she says. “It’s a lot like what I do at PrivatePlus. If there is a blockage, things seem to fall apart quickly and sometimes just come to a complete stop. Everyone must be in their designated positions and be prepared to move in sync. We did that in the pit and we do that here.”

Duckworth grandchild

Baby Olivia Leigh

Later, during the economic downturn of the late 2000s, Kathryn took a break to attend nursing school and received certification as a Patient Care Technician. “The relationship with patients was both fulfilling and could be quite stressful,” she says. “I enjoyed hearing the amazing life stories of my patients, but, now, back in the mortgage industry, the reward is seeing people happy and living the dream!”

Married for 23 years, Kathryn and her husband have four daughters and live in Austell and recently welcomed their first grandchild, Olivia Leigh. Naturally, her grandmother says, “she is the most perfect little person I have ever laid eyes on.” Kathryn and family also are devoted animal lovers, with four dogs, a cat, a bearded dragon, and a ball python snake named Monty. She is very involved in her church and passionate about their Miles for Mammograms fundraiser, which provides mammograms for women who are unable to afford screenings.

A final word from Kathryn: “Anyone considering purchasing or refinancing should definitely call us first. I can honestly say this is the best group of mortgage pros I have ever worked with.”